About Me

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My journey with astrology started in 2014. In 2015, I took a career consultation from an astrologer named Vishal Saxena – his method of explanation was a great combination consultancy and teaching and that furthered my interest in the subject and prompted me to do more research and reading in astrology.

During my daily interactions, Universe provided me with opportunities, which made me discuss astrology amongst people with different occupations having their concerns and situations. I gave some predictions and time lines, which came to be quite accurate; however, within myself I was not satisfied since, I used to keenly feel the need for a more formal training on the subject.

Universe acted here in two ways – in the form of a lockdown due to Covid-19 and through my wife who referred me to courses run by Shri Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra of The Vedic vision. Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra as per me is one of the finest contemporary astrologers we have today; well informed, well read and with more than 35 years of experience in classic Vedic astrology.

Lock down provided the time and Sanjeev-ji provided the tutelage – where I have learnt Dasha, transit, and Prashna astrology – I applied the concepts taught by him in more charts and found them to be very true. 

Astrology is very much a science like any other – there are rules to be applied, dictums to be taken and verbatim and multiple variables to be considered for analysis of a chart – the only difference is that it’s a science which takes into account the human element of a situation and so involves consideration of higher and more intuitive forces at play. Like any other science , it has evolved to address contemporary challenges and situations and applied the rules there – and again as any other science , the fundamentals don’t change –what changes is the application of the fundamental rules in a given evolving situation.

My professional life involves a lot of work around factory automation, Internet of things, Robotics and AI – so I always try to connect the two areas. I can say –If Internet of things connect machines to each other – Astrology connects everyone and everything together in the Universe – so in a way- the Internet of Everything!

"A child is Born on that day and that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma"
~Sri Yukteswar