"There is nothing like destiny in astrology. The proper term to be used is Adrishta or that which is not seen. Astrology simply indicates and gives the greatest scope for the development of will-power, by means of which one can either counteract the evil indications or augment the favourable influences."

~BV Raman

How Can I Help You?

Arun is here to help you to address your contemporary challenges and situations in day to day life. He is here to understand your current problems and give you some realistic solutions to the same. He says that Astrology connects everyone and everything together in the Universe – so he considers astrology as - the Internet of Everything!


  • Detailed overview of your natal chart 

  • Strong & weak points in your chart

  • Key years in your life

  • Two key areas you have questions about.


  • A real-time analysis of 3 questions around your current pressing problem. More like Yes or No situation.

  • Principles of horary astrology will be used here.

  • Natal Chart will not be covered here.



  • Provides better clarity 

  • Involves study as well as analysis of your natal chart

  • Involves study as well as analysis of your horary chart

  • One clearly gets to know how life events relate to current situations


Ranodeep Ghosh

CPA, CGA, Canada

I am consulting with you since 2018 on topics related to astrological charts for me, my dad and my wife. You are always there and have assisted and allayed my fears and provided remedies by chanting 'OM Namah Shivay' or watch shivling, Abhishek to alleviate the tensions which I was facing. You have dissuaded me from taking any step to change my job. Reassured me of my progeny's success and not worry about his future. 
Your observations hit the mark where you said by this September the issues with my boss will be over and things will be better
For my Dad, you have asked me to take care of him to the best of my ability and try to provide as much happiness as possible.

I have found your forecasts to be within the time lines predicted by you. 


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